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Leighton Associates offers a variety of services to investigate and resolve mold problems in offices, stores and homes. A brief summary follows. For more information, please contact us.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Investigations

Leighton Associates performs on-site testing and evaluation of air quality with the objective of identifying and qualifying the cause and severity of indoor air problems. If warranted, a variety of samples are taken and analyzed by a microbiology laboratory. LAI evaluates its findings and provides a written report of its conclusions and recommendations.

Project Management

Significant mold problems often require the coordination and cooperation of several services to correct the problem. Many homeowners and building managers do not have the time, experience and/or training to perform this function. Leighton Associates can define the scope of work required to correct the problem, assist in the selection of contractors to perform remediation and restoration services, and oversee the entire project, ensuring it is performed to pre-established specifications. Finally, LAI can conduct post job clearance testing to ensure the problem has been corrected.


Our consulting services can be provided with or without IAQ Investigations and Project Management services (above). In this capacity, Leighton Associates works with building and corporate managers to either prevent or correct indoor air quality problems. LAI consultants can also provide expert testimony in legal matters requiring this specialized knowledge.


Classes on Indoor Air Quality and Mold Remediation are available in our New York Training Center or on-site for larger clients. These classes are directed toward building managers, attorneys, insurance adjusters and people in similar occupations who require a greater knowledge of indoor air quality issues.


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